Emergency call to assist the victims of the cyclone «Freddy» in and around Blantyre in Malawi.

The south of Malawi and parts of Mozambique were hit by the cyclone «Freddy» twice within the last
month. It is one of the strongest and longest lasting tropical storms ever recorded.

Whole townships have been wiped out through landslides; many houses collapsed; bridges and roads are
destroyed; and the electricity supply in Blantyre has been down for several days.

Over 200 people have been found dead and many more are still missing. At least 20,000 people have lost
their homes and goods.

It’s a tragedy. Many people we know, including the communities we work with are directly affected. The
boNGO Childcare Centres, Mango and Masuku, currently serve as emergency shelters for the people who
have lost their houses.

The police, the army, international and national organisations, companies, and private people – everyone is
trying to help where they can. boNGO is supporting the villages and people we work with – and therefore
we need your help.

With a financial contribution of Euro 30 you can support an emergency package, containing food, water
buckets and basic household and hygiene items, for the affected families. boNGO and the community
organisations will distribute them directly to the people in need.

Thank you for your support.

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