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boNGO works with five preschools which educate 503 children as well as serving as a teacher-training facility.


Provides a nutritious daily meal for 80 children during school days for a month


Learning materials for one classroom per month 


Salary for one of the eight teachers per month. If funding allows boNGO wants to increase it to $100 per month 


Maintenance of the school building per year 


Continuous teacher training and school supervision


Overall running of expenses, including supervision, teacher training, learning materials, etc

It consists of: monthly food for 80 children ($250), salary for 8 teachers ($240), teaching materials for two classes ($38), maintenance of the school building (£50), teacher training and supervision (£80).

your support

Primary Education (6 – 12 years)

One Happy Classroom costing $900 makes a huge difference to 1,000 children over the next 10 years. We can paint your company logo on the classroom wall or create for you a short video about your support.

The Happy Classroom can be an original and meaningful gift. We shall send you pictures of the classroom BEFORE and AFTER together with a gift certificate. Your name or company logo can be written on the wall.

The price consists of:


Teacher-training and supervision


Painting and building materials 


Painter’s labour 

boNGO is seeking funds to continue screening the film B’ella at secondary schools and community meetings.  Contact us for further details.

Your Support

boNGO is a small NGO with a big impact. We don’t have expensive cars, drivers or large offices. Some of our management works on a voluntary basis. All donations will directly support our programs in Malawi.

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Sponsor a classroom and give 1500 children the chance to improve their future