Happy 2018 to boNGO and all of you!

boNGO is very happy and grateful as we are starting the New Year with funding from several organisations.

“Stadt Frauenfeld” (town of Frauenfeld) in Switzerland donated CHF 8000. “Schuelerrat der PMS Kreuzlingen” (Students Council of the Teacher Training College Kreuzlingen} in Switzerland donated CHF 4300. “boNGO Switzerland” through individual donations and membership contributions donated CHF 7500. These funds will be used to support the daily operations (teachers’ allowances and materials) and  further developments (trainings and maintenance) of boNGO’s two Model Childcare Centres – Umodzi-Mbame and Mango.

boNGO Czech Republic contributed funds received from individual donations and James Cook Languages. These funds will be used for the Happy Classrooms project.