Montessori Manual for early education in local language Chichewa

A Montessori Manual was developed specifically for Malawian rural pre-schools, translated into Chichewa and distributed to teachers who are undergoing the boNGO Montessori Teacher Training.

The manual summarizes the basics of the Montessori philosophy as well as the work cycle of each Montessori material that has been introduced. It provides support and guidance to the teachers on a daily basis


In 2012 Ruth Libuda, a qualified and experienced Montessori Teacher (NAMC) from Germany, started the ‘School Linking Project’ to share the beauty and benefits of Montessori education with the rural schools in Malawi.

Over a period of 18 months she trained eight teachers from the Umodzi Model Childcare Centre in the Montessori philosophy and methodology. The centre got equipped with the basic Montessori materials and children started to use it on a daily basis.

In 2014 the Umodzi teachers successfully graduated from training and started to train teachers from the Mango Model Childcare Centre and other pre-schools.