Rotary Club supports 100 Happy Classrooms

Thanks to the Rotary Club Ostrava International (in the Czech Republic) and the Rotary Club of Limbe (in Malawi) 100 Happy Classrooms are being painted in rural Chiradzulu, southern Malawi. The painting started in July and will be finished in October 2017. Once the initial training of the teachers on how to use the painted walls during lessons is done (Oct-Nov2017), and a few months of practical experience is over, we are going to hold an IDEA EXCHANGE CONFERENCE. This conference is a first one of its kind in Malawi and  is intended for all teachers participating in our project. The best practices shared at the conference will be selected and organised into a HAPPY CLASSROOMS TEACHERS’ MANUAL, which will be from that time on distributed to all Happy Classrooms across Malawi. Manual distribution is planned for the second quarter of 2018. It is the combination of painted classrooms, the Conference, and the TEACHERS’ MANUAL distribution, that make our project unique and sustainable. Pictures on boNGO Worldwide Facebook.