The third MODEL CHILDCARE CENTRE finally opens March 2021

With the financial support from the Swiss foundation ‘Symphasis’ construction of the Masuku Model Childcare Centre was finished after 18 months, with major voluntary support of the villagers and parents. The official opening was on 30th March 2021. After initial speeches example lessons were held followed by 72 children aged 3 to 6 playing in the newly constructed playground.

The Masuku centre operates Monday to Friday with boNGO conducting weekly monitoring visits.

The Masuku centre was started by local villagers in 2001 but didn’t have a proper structure and was operating from a local church. The Masuku teachers have been participating in boNGO’s training program since 2008.

Masuku is boNGO’s third Model Childcare Centre. The other two are Umodzi (started in 2007) and Mango (operating since 2000, with a building constructed in 2008).

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