Malawi’s female MPs dress up as schoolgirls

Malawi's female MPs dress up as schoolgirls
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The country’s 193-member parliament usually has a strict dress code, but on 29th June 2020 it was relaxed for the chamber’s 43 female politicians who dressed up in school uniforms.

The gesture was meant to send a strong message to girls from successful career women that “with hard work, everything is possible”. Studies show that up to 15% of Malawian girls drop out of school before finishing primary education because of various reasons – poverty, pregnancy or being forced into marriage.

For boNGO this was an interesting event because it represented the main message of the boNGO’s  girl-empowering film B’ella in which the film’s main character tells her abusive teacher: “If I work hard I can be all I can be.”

boNGO works towards showing B’ella in the Malawi Parliament to gain support for screening the film at secondary schools across Malawi (project B’ella in schools)

Source BBC 

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