Member of parliament visiting boNGO

member of parliment

On the 16th March 2021 the MP for Blantyre South West Kennedy Pemba Kachingwe visited boNGO’s office to discuss the education developments that boNGO is bringing to his constituency. He praised the Model Childcare Centres providing quality early education as well as the Happy Classrooms Program which reached almost all primary schools in Blantyre South […]

Montessori Manual for early education in local language Chichewa

Montessori manual local

A Montessori Manual was developed specifically for Malawian rural pre-schools, translated into Chichewa and distributed to teachers who are undergoing the boNGO Montessori Teacher Training. The manual summarizes the basics of the Montessori philosophy as well as the work cycle of each Montessori material that has been introduced. It provides support and guidance to the […]

Covid Initiative

local language with masks

In May 2020 boNGO initiated an emergency response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi. The aim was to inform about necessary protection and other facts because especially in the rural areas there are spreading many untruths and rumours (eg. covid is only dangerous for foreigners etc.) Together with a local health worker boNGO reached […]

Graduation ceremony at Mango Model Childcare Centre

Graduation ceremony at Mango Model Childcare Centre

Children with presents Mongo Centre The school year ended in December 2020 with the children receiving an armful of presents. Some of them will return after the holiday while the majority will start attending the Mazdiabango primary school. They are lucky as the primary school benefited from the Happy Classrooms Program and so they will […]

The third MODEL CHILDCARE CENTRE finally opens March 2021

The third MODEL CHILDCARE CENTRE finally opens March 2021

With the financial support from the Swiss foundation ‘Symphasis’ construction of the Masuku Model Childcare Centre was finished after 18 months, with major voluntary support of the villagers and parents. The official opening was on 30th March 2021. After initial speeches example lessons were held followed by 72 children aged 3 to 6 playing in […]

Malawi’s female MPs dress up as schoolgirls

Malawi's female MPs dress up as schoolgirls

The country’s 193-member parliament usually has a strict dress code, but on 29th June 2020 it was relaxed for the chamber’s 43 female politicians who dressed up in school uniforms. The gesture was meant to send a strong message to girls from successful career women that “with hard work, everything is possible”. Studies show that […]

In school but learning nothing


The 2021 UNESCO Institute for Statistics report has been a wake-up call for far greater investment in the quality of education. It is true that in the past years there has been a great improvement in children’s enrolment at primary schools but the fact is that in countries like Malawi 88% of children and adolescents […]